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Dance, an eloquent form of expression ranging from classical and traditional to folk and tribal, there are various dance forms in India. The most exquisite way of experiencing these graceful evocations is through the many prestigious dance festivals. Some of the dance forms that originated and evolved in India are Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniyattam and Odissi. For many centuries the dancers were attached to the temples. This maintained a strong religious flavour to dance. Even today many of the trad¬itional themes are mythological.

Bharatnatyam, also known as the mother of all other classical dances, is considered as the oldest dance form in India originated from the temples of Tamil Nadu. The dance is a pure amalgam of expressions, music, beat and rhythm.

Kathak is another popular dance form that originated from Uttar Pradesh in north India. It is based on the art of storytelling where the dancers narrate stories through their eyes and expressions.

It is the most attractive, dramatic and elaborate form of classical Indian dance. It originated in the state of Kerala. Kathakali dancers have detailed makeup, heavy costumes and most importantly polished gestures.

Manipuri dance originated from the northeastern state of Manipur and is a purely spiritual experience. The theme of this classical dance depicts the act of the Hindu gods Radha and Krishna. The Manipuri dance is, for the most part, marked by a performance that is graceful, sinuous and fluid with great emphasis on hand and upper body gestures.

Odissi dance emerged from the East Indian state of Odisha and is mainly derived from the ancient Hindu temples in Odisha. The whole dance is based on gestures and movements or mudras. The dance is performed to express the mythical stories of the Hindu gods, such as Lord Shiva and Surya. It is also considered the oldest surviving dance form of India.

As the popularity of the classical dance forms in India increased, dance festivals came to be organized in a few temples, to bring the religious dances and temples close to each other. These festivals prove to be a lavish feast for the eyes and ears of classical dance lovers.

Khajuraho Festival
Khajuraho Dance Festival was first held some 20 years ago. Khajuraho Dance Festival is a weeklong dance festival and is held during February and March in Khajuraho. This cultural extravaganza is organized by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department and is promoted as one of the major cultural events in Khajuraho. It’s a cultural open-air event in front of the Chitragupta Temple.

Konark Dance Festival
India is a country of rich cultural heritage. The religion, arts and crafts in the Indian culture are so well intermingled with each other that it is almost impossible to segregate them. There are also so many varied forms of music and dances that each region has a special music and dance form of its own which has originated from the deep-rooted cultural and religious practices of that specified region.


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