Hampi Utsava

Hampi, the jewel of Karnataka and the pride of India is an enduring ode to the grandeur of India’s heritage. The stones and boulders of Hampi have a million stories to tell, a million symphonies to enthral you and transport you into the grand era of the Vijayanagara Empire. There is no better time to savour the nuances of Hampi and bask in its exquisite art in stone than during the Hampi Utsava....
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The exact schedule of the Hampi Utsava and the programmes vary from year to year and these are announced by the Government of Karnataka. But here is what one can expect from the Hampi Utsava.

  • Riveting performances from renowned dancers, singers, and other performers, from Karnataka and other parts of India
  • Grand procession, Jambu Savari, that includes liveried elephants, and men dressed as soldiers of the Vijaynagara Empire
  • Display of fireworks
  • Illuminated monuments
  • Puppet Shows
  • Folk songs and Folk dances in Janapada Kalavahini
  • Food Courts
  • Handicrafts Shopping
  • Competitive sports that include adventure sports like rock climbing, rural sports, and water sports
  • Different exhibitions that are sure to interest the connoisseurs
  • Aerial tour of Hampi
  • Sound and Light Show

Organized By

District Administration & HWAMA

How to reach

The nearest airport is VIDYANAGAR, which is 40 KMs away.
The nearest convenient railway station is HOSPET, which is 13 KMs away.
The nearest major city is HAMPI, which is 1KMs away.
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Date Time

10 Jan 2023 - 17 Jan 2023




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