Nature's lavish allowances to some parts of the world are beyond explanation. While even the best of places on earth may not equal your sweet home, certain places on earth may hold your attention with such authority born out of their endless beauty that you may be unwilling to get out of the hold. Tawang holds you tight with its unparalleled beauty and your senses marvel at the gift of nature d....
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The festival is celebrated as uniquely as the beautiful Tawang valley. The entire town takes part in the celebrations which start with a festival procession or a religious tradition known as "Sebang". This means monks in Tawang town as a part of the religious tradition walk to the festival venue from Tawang monastery to offer their wishes and blessings for the success of the event.

The major attractions and events in the festival are the Street Carnival showcasing the famous Aji-Lhamu Dance, Arpuchham (war dance) by various villages, Yak Dance, Lion Dance, Ngagchham (the tantric dance), Phan Chham (the flag dance) and Yapchenapayumchhen Ama dance along with various traditional dances and rituals, traditional monastic dances, street performances, the traditional parade, Buddhist religious functions and many as such.

Traditional Games & Sports - The Monpas are fond of games and sports. The main games and sports of the Monpas are Archery, Shot-put, Tug of war, Taipei. Lemgor, Laei and Horse Riding.

Apart from the celebrations, the beauty and tranquility of the town attract tourists to the festival. The always beautiful town radiates more during the festival with coloured prayer flags hanging through the length and breadth. of the the town. with music filling the air and happy faces in traditional attire walking through the streets adding that bright shade of colour to the already filled effervescence. To encapsulate, the Tawang Festival is that moment in time which enlivens, enthralls and enlivens the mind, body and soul. It is that moment to feel the town's unmatched serenity and beauty all at once. Evenings filled with indigenous folk music by the myriad indigenous tribes of Arunachal Pradesh are a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of this land of the dawn-lit mountains.

Organized By

Department of Tourism in collaboration with District Administration, Tawang
District Tourism Officer, Tawang

How to reach

The nearest airport is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordolai International Airport, Guwahati, which is 446 KMs away.
The nearest convenient railway station is Rangapara Railway Station, which is 320 KMs away.
The nearest major city is Guwahati, which is 440KMs away.
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4 Nov 2022 - 6 Nov 2022

8:00 AM - 10:00 PM




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