Thaipooyam Mahotsavam, Koorkancherry

The Thaipooyam Mahotsavam Festival pulls you in with the pulsating beats of the chenda (drums) while the cymbals punctuate every movement of the dancing devotees bearing the kavadis. All present seem possessed by a divine spirit that helps them shed their earthly burdens and revel in an otherworldly bliss. The exuberant colours and frenzy induced by the spirited pe....
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The Kavadiyattom performances which showcase a rich vibrancy of colours is one of the major attractions of this festival. The 'kavadi' is a richly decorated wooden arch that is carried on the shoulders. The proceedings begin in the morning where performances such as ambalakkavadi (temple) and pookkavadi (flowers) are formed on the basis of the shape of the kavadi. Fireworks mark the end of the festival and the memories created are priceless.

Organized By

Pradeep Chandran
Tourist Information Officer
Department of Tourism

How to reach

The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport, which is 48 KMs away.
The nearest convenient railway station is Thrissur, which is 2 KMs away.
The nearest major city is Koorkancherry, which is 1KMs away.
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Event Details
Venue Address
Koorkancherry Sree Maheswara Temple
Date Time

5 Feb 2023 - 5 Feb 2023

8:00 AM - 11:00 PM




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