Pongal Festival *Every year*

Often known as the harvesting festival, Pongal is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India's Southern part. It is primarily celebrated in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Puducherry. Pongal comes from Tamil Literature, which means to boil or to overflow. It is a celebration to thank Sun God, Mother Earth and various other farm animals that helps farmers to contribute....
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It is the culmination of a four-day celebration that honours the Sun God and commemorates its trip north, where each day has its own significance:

Day 1 - Bhogi Pongal:On this day, people happily burn their old useless household items marking their new beginnings. A special puja is also performed by cutting on the paddy.

Day 2 - Surya Pongal:It is the actual Pongal festival where the Sun God is worshiped. Women draw decorative patterns called Kolam at their home entrance and prepare the pot of fresh rice with milk at auspicious timings. Milk rice is left in the clay pot to boil freely, and as it boils, the family members happily start shouting out "Pongalo Pongal"!. Post that, Pongal is offered to the Sun God, and they would feast on the special meal.

Day 3 - Maatu Pongal- The third day of Pongal is devoted to worshipping the cattle. Cows are washed and adorned with colourful beads, flowers, and bells during this day. Jallikattu, a famous traditional bull-taming sport of people in Tamil Nadu, especially in the village, is also part of Mattu Pongal. Basically, it's a game where a bull is released into the crowd, and any person can try to calm and tame it. A winning bull will usually be kept for breeding.

Day 4- Kannum Pongal - This day, all the women in the house make different types of colourful rice. After preparation, they would leave it in separate pots on their terrace to feed crows as a symbol of worshiping their ancestors. Post that event, families celebrate and participate in traditional Indian Folk dances such as Mayilattam and Kolattam.

Organized By

Tourism Department, Thiruvannamalai
R. J. Gajendra Kumar, Tourist Officer.
Tourist Office, Hotel Tamilnadu complex, Polur

How to reach

The nearest airport is Chennai Airport, which is 175 KMs away.
The nearest convenient railway station is Polur, which is 15 KMs away.
The nearest major city is Polur Bus stand, which is 15KMs away.
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Event Details
Venue Address
Arihanthagiri Thirumalai Jain Temple
Date Time

14 Jan 2023 - 18 Jan 2023




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