Temples are the nerve centres for Indian Culture. Since time immemorial, Fairs and Festivals celebrated in temples have great influence on the spiritual and cultural life of Indian society. One such festival is Paruveta utsavam celebrated in Ahobilam ,Nandyal district Andhra Pradesh. Ahobilam Paruveta utsavam is unique of its kind as such festival is not celebrated in any other part of our Bharath....
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• Ahobilam Paruveta utsavam is unique as it is celebrated for about 40 days.No other temple celebrates a festival for such long duration.• Ahobilam Paruveta utsavam is celebrated by all sections of people irrespective of their caste.For instance Vadla Kammara community makes the Palanquin, Chenchus collect honey, Linen and sacred mango leaves from forests, Devotees from Mala Community recites Vachanas. • It is a festival of communal hormony as devotees from other religious community like muslims also offer prayers to the lord. • The Ayakattu honours are similar to the Ayagar system of administration of Kakatiya period which was continued during Vijayanagara Rayas. • Business worth of some lakhs of rupees takes place during this festival which is the chief source of income for the poor. • Chenchus are emotionally connected with this festival. • Veedhinatakams,Harikatha and Burra katha are performed in every village narrating the story of the marriage of Chenchu Lakshmi with Ahobila Narasimha.

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SLNS Devasthanam
Sri Badri Narayanan

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The nearest airport is Cuddapah, which is 70 KMs away.
The nearest convenient railway station is GIDDALUR, which is 36 KMs away.
The nearest major city is GIDDALUR, which is 36KMs away.
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16 Jan 2024 - 29 Feb 2024



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