Monyu Festival

The Phom Monyu festival is originally celebrated for 6 days beginning from 1st to 6th of April every year This is a spring festival normally observed after the sowing is done in paddy fields This is to invoke Gods blessing to have a bountiful harvest Monyu also marks the end of winter and the onset of the monsoon season Traditionally it is also a time of jubilation sharing of love and concern with....
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  • The first day of Monyu is called ‘Shongten-Laiphen’. On this day people gather resources such as wrapping leaves and bamboo shoots from forests.

  • On the second day people engage in the brewing of beverages. Rice is used for the purpose.

  • ‘Aiha Okshok’ is the third day of the festival for honouring the old traditional dances and folk music. People also feast on this day.

  • On the fourth day people visit the homes of their relatives and reconnect with their loved and dear ones. This day is locally known as ‘Chingi Okshok’. People also exchange gifts, drinks, meat and grains.

  • On the fifth day, known as ‘Paangmohah’, men dress up in their vibrant new clothes and sing and dance away in joy and laughter.

  • The last day is observed by honouring the elders in the village. People feast on drinks and delicious meat preparations.

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    Tourism Nagaland
    Tourism Nagaland
    Opp indoor stadium, Kohima Nagaland

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    The nearest airport is Jorhat, Assam, which is 131 KMs away.
    The nearest convenient railway station is Amguri , Assam, which is 89 KMs away.
    The nearest major city is Kohima, which is 218KMs away.
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    1 Apr 2023 - 6 Apr 2023

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