Magh Mela

The Kumbh Mela is a celebration, a festival of the glory of Kumbh. It is, therefore, a celebration of all knowledge and all life. It symbolises divinity and knowledge. The Kumbh or Pot of Nectar was churned from the ocean and meant for distribution- not hoarding. Likewise, the Nectar of knowledge and spirituality must be churned from within us and shared with hum....
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Facade lighting, tourism exhibition, laser show.

Organized By

Prayagraj Mela Authority
Mela Adhikari/Mela Magistrate
Parade Ground, Daraganj, Prayagraj

How to reach

The nearest airport is Prayagraj Airport, which is 14 KMs away.
The nearest convenient railway station is Prayagraj Junction, which is 2 KMs away.
The nearest major city is Civil Lines bus station, which is 1KMs away.
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Date Time

14 Jan 2023 - 18 Feb 2023




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