The Mishing  tribe celebrates  Ali Aye-ligang to mark the initiation of the harvesting cycle. The entire community gets involved in merry-making. Fishing is one of the most important parts of the festival, which is fittingly followed by a feast. However, other activities such as ploughing, felling and burning forests are considered a taboo for the duration of Ali....
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 In this festival young people of the community in particular participate 'GUMRAAG SOMAN' and dance to the tune of folk songs and melodious 'oi: nitom'. The first day of the festival is marked by the ceremonial start of paddy sowing and throughout the festival many others activities such as ploughing and tree cutting are forbidden.[

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Directorate of Tourism
Emon Chaudhury
Station Road Pan bazar

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The nearest airport is Guwahati Airport, which is 0 KMs away.
The nearest convenient railway station is Guwahati Ralway station, which is 0 KMs away.
The nearest major city is Guwahati, which is 0KMs away.
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Guwahati, Majuli, Jorhat,
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15 Feb 2023 - 21 Feb 2023




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