Khatu Shyam Mela

The Famous spiritual place Khatu Shyamji Temple is 55 Km away from Sikar district. Legend that once Lord Krishna asked for the head of Barbrika, grandson of Bhima. He was endowed with teen ban (three arrows) by Lord Shiva and Agni dev gave him a bow to conquer all the three worlds. Owing to the fabulous chivalry and prowess of Barbarika, Krishna did not want him to participate in the great war of....
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1 Padyatra

2 Aarti 

(i) Mangla Aarti-5:30 AM

(ii) Shringar Aarti- 7:30 PM

(iii) Bhog Aarti- 12:30 PM

(iv) Shandhya Aarti- 7:30 PM

(v) Shayan Aarti- 10:00 PM

3 Bhajan

Organized By

Khatu Shaym Mandir Committee
Khatu Shyam Mandir

How to reach

The nearest airport is Jaipur Airport, which is 104 KMs away.
The nearest convenient railway station is Ringus, which is 18 KMs away.
The nearest major city is Sikar, which is 55KMs away.
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Event Details
Venue Address
Khatu Shyam Mandir
Date Time

23 Feb 2023 - 4 Mar 2023




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