International Yoga Day 2023

An invaluable gift of ancient Indian tradition, Yoga has emerged as one of the most trusted means to boost physical and mental well-being. The word "Yoga" is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj meaning "to join", "to yoke" or "to unite", symbolizing the unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfilment; harmony between human and nature, and a holistic approach to health and well-....
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Health, Wellness and Adventure

Organized By

Department of Tourism, J&K
Sh. Abdul Jabbar (JKAS) Deputy Director Tourism, Publicity Jammu
Directorate of Tourism, Residency Road, Jammu

How to reach

The nearest airport is Jammu Airport, which is 36 KMs away.
The nearest convenient railway station is Jammu, which is 34 KMs away.
The nearest major city is Jammu, which is 29KMs away.
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Event Details
Venue Address
Jhajjar Kotli Park Jammu, Jai Valley Bhaderwah and TRC Basohli, Kathua
Date Time

21 Jun 2023 - 21 Jun 2023

6:00 AM - 10:00 AM




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