Madhavpur Fair

This ancient celebration is formalised today in the name of ‘Madhavpur fair’ which connects North-East in today’s time. This annual fair is a five day long event and gets organized at Madhavpur village starting on the day of ‘Ram Navami’. A colourful chariot is adorned with an idol of Krishna placed in it, which circumnavigates the village with full of joy and festivity. Procession proceeds with full of joy through the village and people celebrates this event with colours and dance.

One of the most memorable event of Shri Krishna’s life which embarks him as God of love is his marriage to devi Rukmani. Krishna’s wife Rukmani was daughter of legendary King Bhishmak who ruled his kingdom ‘Vidarbha’ (today’s Arunachal Pradesh). Rukmani was deeply in love with Krishna and was determined to marry him. But her brother loaded with disgust towards Krishna, forced her to get married to Shishupal. Rukmani opposed but when her father too agreed and supported her brother’s decision, she wrote a letter to Krishna to save her from the situation and declared a fast up to death if he didn’t come. That letter is referred as first love letter in the history of Love.

Exhibition and sale of art and crafts of Gujarat and handloom, handicrafts products from Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and other North-Eastern states remains the favourite part of the event. Visual Art Exhibition on Krishna and Rukmani put together by different institutions of Ministry of Culture has also been one of the main attractions of the visitor of this fair.

Why it is must to visit this Fair: This week long fair is a rare combination where two different regions unite and exchange culture and art in addition to love. This fair celebrates 'Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat' in true sense. Exchanging energy with lots of Krishna lovers and Krishna believers gathered in one place is definitely once in a life time experience. This also introduces the art, culture, dance and music of two regions in place at the same time; the idea itself is so enticing, that it invites any soul on this land of ‘Madhav’ to be part of this fair.

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